Center of Excellence in Trauma & Accidents

About Us

The Center of Excellence in Trauma and Accidents (CETA) is located in the Medical Academic Buildings-Male campus, specifically in the Faculty of Medicine at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah.
This center was established in line with the vision of 2030 and its objectives. In view of the need for active research centers on injuries and accidents in Saudi Arabia and the urgent need to develop advanced research methods and lead qualified staff to deal with trauma cases in hospitals in various cities in the Kingdom. The President of King Abdulaziz University: Dr. Abdulrahman AI-Youbi approved the establish of this center on the 3rdof March 2018, especially after the great success achieved by Trauma and Surgery education unit.
CETA is established under the umbrella of the Vice Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research as an extension of the Trauma and Surgery education unit, which was established on the 12thof May 2016.
CETA is the result of fruitful efforts and close collaboration of different sectors of the university, in order to promote the care of trauma patients. To achieve this goal, the Center will work with various important facilities in the university such as the university hospital, the Clinical Skills and Simulation Center (CSSC), Faculty of Medicine, and the Deanship of Scientific Research. Moreover, center is based on a foundation for a comprehensive cycle of education, training, research, publishing, clinical care and rehabilitation
CETA's mission is to develop and maintain a region-wide accident system to ensure the highest level of care in the country for accident injuries and to provide a continuum of trauma care.
CETA seeks to lead and coordinate individual initiatives in the care of accident victims and reduce the burden of injury in our community through a center of excellence and comprehensive care for accident victims. It aims to lead clinical research and education in the area of injuries and accidents in the region. The objectives can be summarized as follows:
  • Assess the burden of trauma and related injuries at the local and national levels.
  • Examining policies on injuries and monitoring their effective application
  • Enrich literature with publications that can express our concerns and reflect our efforts.
  • Lead leadership in national and international compliance research.
  • Attract funding from national and international funding organizations that will help advance and develop accident care.

Words from the Director:

Trauma is a global crisis. It’s with no doubt the leading cause of years of life lost, exceeding infectious and non-infectious diseases combined. The implementations of strict preventive measures and the medical advancement have drastically reduced the trauma causalities in the westerns hemisphere. However, the trauma is still the main killer in Saudi Arabia with lasting medical and none medical consequences.
We aim to provide a forum where the trauma experts in different related specialties to exchange the most current information on the field of trauma care. In addition, we will explore in long term the importance and the challenges to develop a comprehensive trauma system that able to function and to have a positive impact on the trauma care.


The Director: Dr Yahya Almarhabi

Deputy: Dr Ibtehal Alattas

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